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Complete City Bible with Old and New Testament

City Bibles Launches Revolutionary New Complete City Bible in 28 Languages!


City Bibles, a ministry focused on evangelism, has just launched a new project for printing complete Bibles in multiple languages. This new Complete City Bible has only 720 pages and a font size of 8pt, making it an easily readable, yet compact and eco-friendly option for personal and group study. With its innovative typesetting technique, City Bibles has been able to reduce paper usage without sacrificing readability.

"We're thrilled to be launching this new Compact Complete Bible," said a spokesperson for City Bibles. "We've received many requests for complete Bibles in multiple languages, and we're excited to be able to meet this demand in a unique and sustainable way. This Bible is not only affordable, but it's also easily transportable, making it an ideal option for those who want to spread the Good News."

In addition to its physical form, City Bibles has also incorporated technology into this new Bible. A QR-code on the back of the Bible leads users to the Digital Bible App, where they can read the Bible in digital form in over 1.800 languages, listen to audio versions in over 1.400 languages, and watch summaries including reading plans and a children app.

This new Compact Complete Bible is available in 28 languages and City Bibles plans to expand to 80 languages in the near future. Each Bible costs 4,95 euro and with an unique relief wood structure softcover, this Bible offers an amazing reading experience you can feel in your hands.

For more information about City Bibles and their new Compact Complete Bible, please visit their website

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