How to use 'The Interactive Gospel of John'

Watch here the video on how to use the app while reading. You can use our free App or the camera of your smartphone to scan the QR-codes.

Step 1: Download the free ‘Citybibles’ App

Download the ‘Citybibles’ App in the App store or in Google Play. Make sure you give the Citybibles App access to your camera.

Step 2: Open the App

Open the App and select your language.

Step 3: Click on one of the two buttons

To scan, click on one of the two buttons. For this book, select 'Scan Pictures'. Your camera will open automatically.

Step 4: Scan

Hold the camera above a picture indicated with a marker. As soon as the picture is scanned, you will see a ‘play’ button appear on the picture. Press the ‘play’ button to start the video.

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